Southern Tours and Safaris Terms and Conditions

Southern Tours & Safaris Tel: +27 11 4866 004 Email: Address: 84 Dundalk Avenue Parkview 2193 RSA
1. DEFINITIONS– Southern Tours and Safaris Pty ltd
No.2016/287637/07 is hereinafter referred to as “SOUTHERN
TOURS” and the person who accepts the booking by signature is
hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”. This booking and subsequent
contract between the client and SOUTHERN TOURS shall be
deemed to be concluded in the Republic of South Africa, subject to
the terms and conditions reflected herein.
the confirmation invoice to the applicant/travel agent through whom
the application was made, the booking shall be confirmed and
accepted by SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS. Please note that no
reservation will be made without a deposit. The balance of the fare
is due SEVEN (7) WEEKS prior to the date of departure. All tours
are subject to a minimum of 04 travelers travelling, although tours
maybe run with less clients at the discretion of SOUTHERN
3. DEPOSITS– A deposit of 50% per person is required when
submitting a Completed booking form and the deposit is accepted as
a part of inclusive fare and will only be refunded if the applicant will
not be accommodated.
4. CANCELLATIONS– Cancellations of bookings by clients must
be made in writing and is effective from the date received by
SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS. The following cancellation fees
will be payable by the client:
45 days = Deposit only
40-15 days = 65% of total fare
15-0 days = 100% of total fare
Should a client fail to join a tour or join later or fail to complete a
tour, no refund shall be made or liability be accepted by
5. No refunds shall be made by SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS
for any reason whatsoever, and neither will it accept any claims of
any nature including any consequential damages as a result of any
accommodation or other facilities made or becoming unavailable on
tour. The client hereby indemnifies and holds SOUTHERN TOURS
harmless in respect of such claim.
6. SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS reserves the right to cancel
any tour without prior notification. In such events, all the monies
paid will be refunded in full which shall constitute the full extent of
SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS’s liability to the client
7. AUTHORITY ON TOUR– The client acknowledges that
SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS shall appoint a tour guide/leader
who shall be in charge of the tour and all matters relating thereto,
and the clients agree to comply with tour guide/leader’s lawful
requirements. The client must at all time comply strictly with the
law, customs and foreign exchange regulations of all countries
The client agrees to comply with SOUTHERN TOURS &
SAFARIS’s requirements’ with regard to his/her conduct and shall
not in any way constitute a nuisance to any other persons on tour. If
any client acts in contravention of the above, SOUTHERN TOURS
shall be entitled to terminate that client participation on the tour
without refund of any monies paid without liability to SOUTHERN
TOURS & SAFARIS or its servants or agents. In these
circumstances the client shall at the client’s expense and
responsibility is obliged to make his/her own way home.
8. LUGGAGE– Each client is entitled to not more than one luggage
weighing not more than 15 kg, SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS
may not allow carrying luggage in access of the aforesaid. All
luggage and personal belongings are at all times at the clients risk
and SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS cannot accept any liability
for any loss of or damage thereto.
9. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS-Clients are responsible for ensuring
that all necessary travelling documents, including passports, visas,
health and other certificates, including travelers cheque if applicable
are valid and effective.
10. INSURANCE-Travel, medical expenses, luggage money and
cancellation insurance is compulsory to all SOUTHERN TOURS &
SAFARIS trips. The client accepts that it is his/her responsibility to
arrange own insurance.
11. FORCE MAJEURE– During the course of a tour, weather, road
conditions, mechanical breakdowns and incidents beyond control of
SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS can influence the performance
of a tour. In the unforeseen event of any of these aforementioned
events occurring, SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS shall provide
the use of the vehicle, all equipment and crew services. Personal
expenses, meals, alternative accommodation and all other resulting
costs, including the cost of flying home, are to be borne by the
client. We strongly recommend the travel insurance.
12. LIABILITY- NOTE: for the purpose of this clause, the
definition of SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS shall include all
member(s), employees and agents of SOUTHERN TOURS &
liability whatsoever for any loss, including financial loss, arising
from loss of and/or damage to any property of any CLIENT, nor for
any loss of any nature, including financial loss arising the death or
injury of any CLIENT, howsoever any such loss, financial loss,
damage, injury or death shall arise including negligence of any
degree on the part of SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS. The client
herby indemnifies SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS against all
claims of whatever nature brought against SOUTHERN TOURS &
SAFARIS by the CLIENT, the CLIENT’S estate or family of the
CLIENT including dependents, in respect of any personal injury,
death, damage or loss, including financial loss, of any nature
howsoever caused including negligence of any degree.
Notwithstanding the above, in the event of there being a claim in
law against SOUTHERN TOURS & SAFARIS, such claim shall be
limited to R50 000 (FIFTY THOUSAND RAND) inclusive of
capital, interest and costs.
the right to make use, without giving any further notice, of any
photograph or video produced by SOUTHERN TOURS &
CLIENT without payment or permission.
14. HEALTH– The client acknowledges being aware of the
proposed itinerary and that the tour requires a certain level of
physical fitness and acknowledges that he/she is medically fit and
able to embark upon the tour.