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We understand that sometimes the hustle and bustle of city dwelling does come with a fair amount of stress, to the point that you find yourself wanting to get away. As much as you would like to take that travelling opportunity with family or friends, it is not always possible.
Instead of putting your adventure travel on the back burner, we encourage you to book our tours. Let us prove to you that you do not need the company of friends or family to have fun. In fact, we will even make sure that not only do you walk away stress-free and with new found confidence but you also walk away with new friends, who love adventure just as much as you do.
In order to exceed your expectations, though, when you first make a booking, please let us know whether you require a single (supplement) booking or do not mind sharing a room with someone of the same gender.


We are pleased to say that come rain, sunshine, or lack of participation, our tours will still go ahead. This means that you can go ahead and book your tour and your flight, and you do not have to sit by your computer, checking whether the tour is guaranteed or not. This is one of the small ways we show our clients how much we care.



Our business understands the role played by guides. They are the ones who deal with travellers and create that special relationship with them. They are basically the face of the company. So, when it comes to recruiting guides for our business, we make sure that we select the very best. All of our guides are experienced, boasting qualifications from esteemed Field Guide Association of South Africa (FGASA). As a bonus, they are passionate about their job and are never short of enthusiasm. As if that is not enough, they are also expert “storytellers” who delight in taking travellers on both physical and imaginary journeys. So please book one of our tours and let them share their experiences with you.