A land of wide open spaces, never failing to enthral its visitors. Namibia is known for its contrasting landscapes. The Namib Desert is the oldest in the world, with its high dunes and awe-inspiring sense of space. The views over the Fish River Canyon, the delicate balance of wildlife in Etosha National Park. The German heritage is very noticeable in Swakopmund and Windhoek.

DAMARALAND is a land of stark desert beauty. Early morning mists, generated by the clash between the icy Atlantic Ocean and the warm desert air of the Skeleton Coast, drift inland along the canyons, providing sustenance to the flora and fauna of the region. Rare succulent plants abound in this harsh countryside. Damaraland includes the granite domes of the Spitkoppe rising above the desert floor. The rock engravings of Twyfelfontien, the San rock paintings in the Brandberg landscapes. 

ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK is one of the world’s most famous game sanctuaries. The huge, salty bowl which forms the vast central area of the park is only occasionally filled with water, so game concentrates in the grasslands and bush which encircle the reserve. Here on the perimeter, are underground springs feeding smaller pans, which serves as the magnet which has drawn such an abundance of game to the area.

SKELETON COAST is one of the most inhospitable but hauntingly beautiful places on the planet: desolate and uninhabited. It has everything, from roaring sand dunes, windswept plains, towering canyons and saltpans to seal colonies and shipwrecks.

Etosha N. P.                                                            Namib Desert- Deadvlei


Dune 45                                                                        Red Dunes


Etosha N. P.                                                            Deadvlei


Day 1 Windhoek (Villa Vista Guesthouse)
After you have arrived at Windhoek International Airport you will meet and greet your ground handler who will guide you to our accommodation for the night. We will use the time to introduce ourselves and to check our photographic equipment and to have a first discussion about shooting techniques and compositions. Breakfast only included.

Day 2&3 Etosha Nationa Park (Okaukuejo Resort
The next two days are dedicated to get relaxed during our several game drives and to enjoy the sounds and soul of mother nature. You will get teached how to capture wildlife with all its differences to landscape photography and how to prepare your camera for this task. But don’t worry… we will have a lot of relaxation at our game drives and will still get some very nice captures, promised The Etosha National Park is a very special place and is in complete contrast to the desert we passed on our way. The park’s main characteristic – the Etosha Pan – is a vast, bare, open expanse of shimmering green and white that covers around 4,800km², almost a quarter of the park. We will also find large camel thorn trees that are mixed with Mopani trees. This diverse vegetation accounts for the abundance of wildlife that
congregates around the waterholes and thrives in the park, giving us almost guaranteed game sightings. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 4 Damaraland & Brandberg mountains 
We will leave Etosha in the morning and start with our Namib road-trip. Whilst driving we will realise a notable landmark suddenly jutting out the surrounding semi dessert of the Namib. The Brandberg or ‘fire mountain’, a soaring mass of granite, is so called because of the effect created by the setting sun. On its western face, which causes the granite massif to resemble a burning slagheap glowing red. The highest peak of the Brandberg is called ‘Königstein’ and is Namibia’s highest peak at 2,573m. The Brandberg is a perfect place for introducing and practising your shooting of time-lapses and capturing some extremely awesome sunset shots with red glowing mountains in front of a dramatic sky. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 5 Spitzkoppe (Spitzkoppe Mountain Camp
The Spitzkoppe is one of the most magical places in Namibia where you can experience absolutely fantastic starry nights. The highlight is the ‘rock bridge’ forming an arch which is absolutely beautiful for sunset and also for fantastic night shots with the impressive milky way of the southern hemisphere in your frame. We will experience a night of new moon at Spitzkoppe for stunning night shots and for perfect star trails. In case these are new fields of photography, don’t worry, you will be guided through setup and settings whenever you need assistance. Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Day 6 Swakopmund (Strand Hotel Swakopmund
After our three days spend in the very dry and hot Namib semi desert we will enjoy some refreshing coastal climate at Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. Everyone who wants to relax a bit from photography will be offered a myriad of fun and adrenaline activities in the white sand dunes. But we will also use our time to have some nice sunset shots at the beach or at the grotesque ‘Moon Landscape’. Breakfast & lunch included.

Day 7 ship wreck desert expedition (fully serviced camping)
The famous ship wreck of the Eduard Bohlen was wrecked on the Skeleton Coast on the 5. September 1909 in a thick fog and lies currently in the sand dunes 400 meters from the shoreline. The wreck is only accessible by helicopter or by 4×4 vehicles with an expensive and not to easy obtain special permission as access to the Namib Naukluft National Park is highly restricted in most of its areas. We will leave Swakopmund early and will first stop at the beautiful Sandwich Harbour which is part of the Namib
Naukluft Park.

The lagoon, salt pans and the bird sanctuary, which form the Walvis Bay Wetlands, are
rightly heralded as the single most important coastal wetlands of Southern Africa and habitat to thousands of birds. Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes. In the afternoon we will arrive at the ship wreck and will setup our camp for the next night. We will sleep in tents deep in the desert, hundreds of kilometres away from human civilisation. We will prepare for our sunset shots at the wreck and also for night sky shots, that will be amazing and only a few photographers might have. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 8 pelican point and Walvis bay  (Strand Hotel Swakopmund
After we have taken some sunrise photographs at the ship wreck and had breakfast we will head back to Swakopmund. On our way we will make a detour to the Pelican Point lighthouse and will arrive in our hotel in the afternoon. Now it’s time to clean and check our equipment before we start to our next iconic stop the Sossus Dunes in the next morning. Breakfast & lunch included.

Day 9&10 Sossusvlei (Sossus Dune Lodge
Sossusvlei and Deadvlei are definitively one of the highlights of our trip and offering us endless opportunities for amazing photographs everyone of us will be proud of for ever. We will definitively have fantastic sunrise and sunset shots at Deadvlei and Sossusvlei, we will climb dunes and have a lot of joy. As little titbit we will arrange permits* for night shots at Deadvlei to enjoy this
amazing sky with some dead of these famous trees. Subject to availability. We will try our best to get this unique experience arranged for you. Breakfast,lunch & dinner included

Day 11-12 Kolmanskop  (Kairos Cottage B&B)   
Maybe you have already seen some pictures of the grotesque ghost town near Luederitz: Kolmanskop is known for its abandoned houses which get sucked in by the Namibs’ sand dunes. The rooms partly filled with sand and the roofs already collapsed, this place offers hundreds of interesting shots, which are all absolutely unique. We will spend one whole day here as it needs so much time to explore all the rooms and we will have to shot one by one most of these spots. I will be on hand at all times to help you with your images and settings of your camera should you wish. With our very small group size there will be plenty of opportunities for 1-on-1 time. The level of independence and tuition is entirely flexible, depending on your individual interests and needs. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 13 Desert horses (Desert Horse Inn)  
We will leave Luederitz and Kolmanskop and try to find some wild horses of the Namib on our way to Aus. The afternoon we can use to relax at the pool area and to review our pictures and to reflect our experiences during our amazing trip. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 14 Windhoek – departure 
On our 14th day we will need to drive back to Windhoek as our amazing journey ends here. We can look back at 14 days of breathtaking landscapes that we have experienced in this impressive country…
We can look back at a rash of pictures and tons of newly acquired knowledge we gained. For those not flying back or departing on this day you are free to extend your stay on your own expense. Breakfast only included.

 Garden Route Photography Safari, Thomas Frommel

Thomas Frömmel will be on hand at all times to help you with your images and the settings of your camera. With our very small group size (maximum six photographers per tour) there will be plenty of opportunities for one-on-one time. The level of independence and tuition is entirely flexible, depending on your individual interests and needs.

Equipment: To get the most out of this photographic workshop we recommend the use of your own camera, which you are familiar with and lenses you are used to. We can arrange lens or camera body rental in case you want to use a second body or you don’t have a wide-angle lens for example. 

Aside from your camera equipment you will need suitable outdoor clothing and comfortable walking boots. We are outside the most time and we are exposed to heat and intense sun. Please prepare with sun-protective clothing, and hats or caps, and sun-block. During the nights it can get a bit colder and also during our stays at Lüderitz and Swakopmund we are exposed to the coastal climate which can be cool and breezy at times.

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